Cycle of Suffering / Retribution

by Separated

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Hardcore from Long Island
Cycle of Suffering / Retribution available for free download


released June 11, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Evan Perino.



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Hardcore from Long Island

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Track Name: Cycle of Suffering
Cut by the knife that bleeds my lies, by the gaze of a thousand eyes
Choked by the hands of the one I love, imprisoned by life's insanity
cursed with a mind to undue myself.
Slit the wrists of those who love, burn the dream of happiness
burn the hearts of every man. Fuck your lies and your mantra of peace, you will be plagued
Plagued by the innocent
Buried by your hands, you've tested your own fate, dragged in the dirt with binds in hand.
Contrained by me, blinded by man.
Covered with the blood of man you can't stand by me coveted in sin.
Track Name: Retribution
Suffer no more, refuse to show remorse. Taking back peace of mind, shed the blood that plagued your veins. Feed the lies inside your head, Kill the dreams that you buried alive.
You'll feel God's dead hands, take your breath
No escape from my retribution